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brady bunch." >> we all loved that show. that's what's making live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> breaking news. a major traffic situation unfolding on the beltway. 495 is closed at a busy no. virginia interchange. details ahead in a live report. good morning, washington. thanks for being with us on this wednesday, july 13. i am pamela brown. >> i am jennifer donelon. first, steve rudin. >> skies will begin to and get cloudy as we move through the
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daytime. this is because the cold front is finally moving through. temperatures outside, 83 degrees at reagan national. 70 in cumberland, 73 in martinsburg. northern michigan in the mid 50's. satellite and radar here. the cold front will move through, then a few showers and thunderstorms this afternoon very isolated. partly cloudy skies and cooler temperatures compared with yesterday. upper 80's up to about 93. 60's tonight. 83-88 tomorrow. i wish lisa baden had good news, but there's breaking traffic. the beltway closed in both directions for the last two hours in tysons, virginia. power lines across the beltway
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southbound out of local delays are growing because of this closure. closed at route 7. southbound beltway traffic is forced to go west. they have closed the exit ramps at 66. there's no where to go. they are optimistic they will have the beltway open within the hour. the beltway is closed in both directions in virginia at route 7. >> a lot of people will be hitting their heads if they don't get that reopened. a hot weather caused plenty of problems yesterday. on the metro red line there was an issue during the evening commute. red line trains were forced to single track between silver spring and potomac. repairs were completed overnight
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and service should be back to normal in time for the opening. another big story, a break in a 10-year-old murder for hire case. the conviction of a fairfax county man on death row for nearly a decade was overturned. prosecutors had argued that he hired a man to murder petrole in 2001 but his family had maintained that just don't wolfe what was innocent. >> in january of 2002 woldfe was convicted of murder and was sent to prison as the youngest death row inmate in the state. yesterday that was overturned. >> this woman watched her son on death row in virginia for the past decade. >> in has been really hard.
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we just keep the faith and were hoping someday soon the truth would come out. >> a federal judge ruled on tuesday that her son was wrongfully convicted in the murder for hire plots that sent him to death row. in march of 2001 he was 20 and was accused of hiring a man to kill a drug supplier. wolfe had admitted to selling drugs, but claimed that he was innocent of the murder. the prosecution's witness later recanted his story. >> for him to live like that for the past 10 years knowing that he's innocent is unbearable. >> on tuesday the judge said the prosecution was aware of barbara's false testimony and noted but the evidence was suppressed.
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>> had the prosecution done their duty my son would never have been convicted never been sent to death row, and we would not have been through 10 years of hell. >> principal william petit county, and-- prince william county commonwealth's's attorney said that the rehe respectfully disagrees. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. we're learning more about a person accused of child sex abuse. 20-year-old daniel montague was accused of having a sexual relationship with a minor that he had been coaching.
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>> it is appalling if happened at the same place twice in a short amount of time. >> someone spending that much time with young children, it's hard to believe they could be capable of something like that. >> another coaching there was arrested in a similar case. he was charged with 12 counts involving a 14-year-old girl. police in montgomery county have two missing teenagers. a 16-year-old and a 15-year-old may have disappeared together. officers are worried because halpern suckers from a medical condition and does not have premeditation. the latest-- does not have her medication. negotiations on a deal to
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reduce the debt appear to be deadlocked. the nation's credit limit must be raised before august 2 or the u.s. could begin defaulting on its debt. fed chairman ben bernanke get ready for a grilling on the hill. >> it seems every day there is another hacking attack. the latest in the d.c. area. cali has more business news. >> this time on the u.s. government contractor. booz allen hamilton says some of its data files have been posted on the internet as a result of an illegal tax. the online and activist groups anonymously claims that it stole thousands of encrypted passwords. congress was warned last year that the u.s. would be the
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loser. and comments from the fed's chairman. he will testify before the house financial-services committee today on the economy. stock futures are hire ahead of that before the open. president obama outshined on facebook by a popular tenn idol. it is-- teen idol. it is not justin bieber this time. we will talk to you soon. 76 degrees on this wednesday morning. >> big changes on the way for netflix subscribers. what services will now come at a premium. >> and developments in the casey anthony case as the satellite turns to the florida woman's
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mother. >> you are looking at live pictures. we will have traffic and weather every ten minutes.
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captioned by the national captioning institute welcome back on this early wednesday morning. 4:41 is the time. i am steve rudin in the belfort
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furniture weather center. yesterday temperatures were well into the 90's. there was humidity and the heat advisory that they canceled a little early. today the cold front finally moved through. the satellite and radar shows sky is beginning to get a little cloudy to the west of us. this is part of a cold front that will eventually bring us cooler and less humid air. partly cloudy today. look for a chance of thunderstorms, a 88-93 for the day time high. breaking traffic news. >> the beltway closed in both directions in tysons at route 7 with power lines that came down. if you are north out of springfield towards tysons, you cannot travel any further than 66 and go eastbound inside the beltway. 66 coming east cannot exit onto the inner loop of the beltway
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the side that takes you toward the american legion bridge. you have to go past the beltway a or take the outer loop octopus 395. if you are south across the american legion bridge, you cannot travel panic farther than route 7. if you are on the dulles toll road and you are eastbound and you normally want to go toward 66 your exit is closed. you have to go onto the inner loop of the beltway. you cannot access from the toll road to go south on super 495. -- you cannot go south on toto 495. >> it's going to be a mess, so leave early. 4:43, 76 degrees. >> coming up, copy view of a second day of memorial services for betty ford, in the former
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press first first
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we begin with breaking news. the capital beltway has reopened just moments ago between rte. 7
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and interstate 66 in fairfax county. crews are working to pick up power lines, left over by a construction crane -- knocked over by a construction crane overnight. it's not clear when everything will officially be moving smoothly again. it should be normal commute for the red line. trains were single-tracking between silver spring and atomic stations lie snipes. they finished fixing the problem a few hours ago. a federal judge overturned a virginia man conviction and death sentence for the murder of his marijuana supplier. prosecutors had withheld information from justin wolfe's lawyer. his mother hopes that he will be free soon. we will hear from her in a live report soon. prosecutors disagree with the ruling. following developments in the casey anthony murder case. the mother a, a florida woman will not face perjury charges.
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prosecutors decided against. she initially told police that it was not her and then later changed her story on the witness stand regarding chloroform. betty ford was remembered in palm desert, california. she publicly battled breast cancer as first lady and later admitted to a struggling with addiction and later founded the betty ford clinic. four other first ladies attended the service. >> her commitment to speaking out on issues that before she took them on were just not discussed, made a huge difference in the lives of americans. >> the casket will be flown to grand rapids michigan, later today.
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a public memorial and a funeral service tomorrow. she will be buried beside her husband gerald ford at his museum. as we move closer to the 10th anniversary of 9/11, there is an attribute planned. the names of all the victims died in the attacks including those from our region and its from pennsylvania will be wrapped for the first time on that date. relatives will be given an opportunity to read the names. it will take place at the 9/11 memorial in new york. 76 degrees on what is shaping up to be another hot day. >> a new type of computer interaction that involves no talking, only eye!!!xhc=7wl
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4:53. temperatures are still warm for this time of morning. no heat advisory support today. we have cooler air on the way. 79 in winchester,r. chicago, 70 degrees at this hour.
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drier air will eventually make its way to our area just in time pour the end of the work week. satellite and radar showed a cold front about to move through. you may have an isolated thunderstorm or shower this afternoon. 88-93 degrees. for the forecast. first, breaking news from lisa baden. we are breathing a sigh of relief, not because of the weather, but because of the traffic. the beltway has been closed in both directions in tysons at route 7 because of a problem with power lines down across the beltway. now they are opening things and traffic is beginning to move slowly. but that will mean a lengthy recovery. brianne carter will join us shortly from the scene. now to news. . > facebook and time warner teaming up with a new campaign against
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cyber billion. the campaign will be on tv, the internet, and on the radio and in several major magazines. half of those between the ages of 14 and 24 said they had been cyber delbullied. >> it was really caddytty. >> facebook has already introduced a feature to make it easier to report online bullio ying. on tuesday facebook announced it would launch a plan for subscribers wanting to randy b deposing by mail and another for those wanting them on the on the internet. the plans will cost $16 a month. netflix previously bundled both items for as low as $10 per month. the changes will take effect
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september 1 for current customers. singles in the district looking to meet someone have a new way in the district. >> people are gazing into each other's eyes to get to know each other. now this story. >> on a typical first date of this kind of silence is usually awkward. >> i am queen of all or silences. >> this time emily had a good excuse. >> they say the eyes are the window to the soul. i'm interested to see how that concept plays out in a dating environment. >> 30 other people are participating in a new kind of speed skating called -- speed dating called eye gazing. they do this for about two minutes at a time. for some people the challenge is
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just to get through it without laughing. but the organizer says that the idea is to make connections without relying on words. >> it is not necessarily to spark attraction, but it can reveal all lot quicker what attraction may already be there. >> the concept began in new york several years ago and recently made it to the capital city. the popularity of such parties as grown in d.c. with 200 people attending four parties since he started them. >> i thought maybe i will try this and see if there was a feeling of a genuine connection. >> after 90 minutes of gazing she may not have met the man of her dreams, but she said she found a new way to relate. >> i felt like you really had an exchange with someone. >> afterwards they had a chance to ringgold and to actually talk. -- had a chance to mingle and talk.
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they'd think more people will use this in everyday life now. >> andi could not keep a straight face. 76 degrees on this wednesday, 4:56. >> power lines paul krause the beltway in
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following breaking news this morning as power

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